Thank you!

Thank you!

The 2019 Pelham Music Festival was amazing!
Thank you so much to everybody who made it possible:

  • Bob Eicher, the festival’s founder and patron.
  • Anne Boorman & Frank Stankus for a great handover, and ongoing support.
  • The new team, Rose Horley, Colleen Maiberger, Babak Rassi, Josh Wallach, Ellen Weiss, Tom White, Paula Wood.
  • Pablo Reyes, and the staff at the Pelham Country Club, whose assistance with setup, catering, and a million other “little” things makes the Pelham Music Festival a success each year.
  • Steinway & Sons for providing us with a wonderful piano.
  • Pelham Civics for their financial support.
  • Frank Ramunno from Lasting Impressions Photography for taking excellent photos, and having them printed, framed, and ready for pick-up by the time each session ended.
  • The performers themselves for working so hard to prepare their pieces, and performing so beautifully for us, and their family and friends who support them in their musical journey.
  • All the private and public school teachers who encouraged their students to register, and helped them prepare.
  • PMF accompanists Sheila Simpson & Vatche Jambazian.
  • Sister Beth, and Songcatchers, who offer quality, accessible music instruction to those for whom lessons would otherwise be an unaffordable luxury – and always send us amazing performers!
  • School music directors Marcia Bean, Eric Katz & Ann Louise Wright, Madison Martineau, Maria Abeshouse, and Andrew Van Bochove for bringing the 4th & 5th Grade Orchestras, 4th Grade Recorder Ensemble, 5th Grade Band, 5th Grade Orchestra, PMHS Chamber Chorus and PMHS Jazz Band respectively.
  • Violet Massie-Vereker, Elise Aronson & Sophia Leung for bringing the PMHS AcaPelicans.
  • The student volunteers who made themselves available as stagehands, check-in helpers, guides, etc. Ethan Barr, Chantal Loaiza, Sam Wallach, and Aron Barr.
  • Everyone who stayed at the end to help us clear up.
  • Anyone else whom I may have inadvertently omitted.  (Please let me know if you notice anyone missing!)


Pictured above, L-R…

Standing: Vatche Jambazian; Ellen Weiss; Frank Stankus; Tom White; Josh Wallach; Babak Rassi; Sheila Simpson; Amy Hersh
Seated: Colleen Maiberger; Rose Horley; Anne Boorman; Paula Wood

photo credit: Frank Ramunno